About Golden PET Industries

About Golden PET Industries

Golden PET Industries (GPI) specializes in the manufacture of high quality PET bottles, preforms and closures, as well as toothbrushes under the brand name “MorningKiss”, which is Malaysia’s No.1 national brand of toothbrush.

Company History

GPI began its business in the manufacturing of plastic based products in 1983 and started its toothbrush production in 1985. Today, it operates at an industries plant erected on 13.3 acres of land at the IGB International Industrial Park in Ipoh. The plant measures 18,056 square metres and is equipped with a complete range of automated machinery which includes a compact unit prestigious Zahoransky machine from Germany for the manufacture of high quality toothbrushes with DuPont Tynes filaments and fully automated Husky machines with the state-of-the –art technology for the manufacture of various sizes of PET preforms and PE closures. It also has a wide range of Japanese blow moulding machines and other injection moulding machines producing PET bottles and handles.

Our Mission

To develop a profitable Independent PET Products, Plastic Injection Parts and Toothbrushes Manufacturing Company focused on Customers Need.

Our Vision

To be proactive solution providers add value to our Customer Businesses by offering service and quality competitively, developing new products, improving efficiency of processes and building on teamwork with employees, dealers and suppliers.

ISO Certified

GPI is ISO 9001:2008 certified and it was also the first toothbrush manufacturer in Malaysia to obtain the ISO 9002 certification for its product quality management system in 1997. Besides it was the first toothbrush manufacturer in Malaysia to receive the DuPont’s Official Quality Certificate in 1998,the prestigious proclamation of quality.


GPI is also an innovative leader in the PET bottle market in terms of product quality and new technology. It was the first company to supply PET bottles in 1995 as a substitute for the conventional 3kg and 5kg tin cans utilised in the Malaysian cooking oil industry. The first coloured PET bottle as well as PET bottle with side handle for bottling of cooking oil in Malaysia was also introduced by GPI in 1997.

Due to its revolutionary and distinct product quality, GPI’s products are being recognised not only nationwide but also in foreign countries. GPI has been exporting its products to Singapore, Vietnam, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea and India. On top of that, GPI is also doing contract manufacturing for an esteem Japanese brand of toothbrushes for overseas market.